Vision & Values

At Natimuk School we strongly believe that a child’s development as an active individual and member of their community is as important as their academic and sporting achievements, and this is reflected in our Mission Statement, our Vision and Values statements.

Our Mission Statement, Vision and Oath were developed collaboratively between the school staff, students, parents, School Council and wider community, which has enabled us to decide together on the way we want our school to provide for our students now and into the future.


Our school/community values are Respect, Integrity, Responsibility and Excellence and are supported by the values espoused by our wellbeing program You Can Do It; Organisation, Getting Along, Persistence, Confidence and Resilience.

Our school oath was created by our students and is an affirmation we repeat weekly together in our morning assembly:

As a proud Australian I will have the courage to speak loud and strong,

I will respect myself and others, be inclusive and supportive of my community.

I will be responsible for my actions, be hard working and strive to do my best in all I do.


Mission Statement

Natimuk Primary School strives to develop resilient, responsible and caring individuals, prepared for the demands of a world characterised by ongoing change

School Vision

Natimuk Primary School is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. We provide a friendly and caring environment that promotes excellence in learning; encourages personal growth and wellbeing for all students; respects diversity and difference; provides support and professional motivation for staff; and involves and includes parents and the wider community.

Teaching and Learning:

Natimuk Primary School is committed to continually improving teaching and learning programs to maximize children’s potential and develop a healthy self-esteem.  We encourage ongoing learning and acknowledge the importance of ‘teaching how to learn’ by:

  • encouraging and supporting ongoing learning by students and staff
  • providing every individual student with challenges appropriate to their level of social, emotional and cognitive development, thus providing them with opportunities to experience success and growth
  • nurturing the development of mutual respect and a healthy self-esteem in each and every student

Learning Environment

The school has a magnificent outlook with paddocks and farming to the east, an immaculate town oval to the south, Mt. Arapiles and town centre to the west and a synthetic grass playing area and huge expanse of ground and play equipment to the north.

Our work space consists of a multipurpose room, a large room for Prep to 2 children, a 3/4 classroom, a library and 5/6 classroom combined, a music room, a resource room, an interview room, an art room, a shelter shed/wet day area, an outdoor multi-purpose learning room based in the original Natimuk Open Air school building, a sports shed, a maintenance shed and, an office and staff room.

We utilise our grounds for outdoor learning and exploration as much as possible. We have an outdoor building which is the original Natimuk Open Air classroom and is heritage listed as well as tables and benches situated under large established gum trees. All provide a unique and productive learning space as well as nurturing a respect for our natural environment.

Our multi-age classrooms and plentiful outdoor space mean that students of all ages are able to study and play together.

Our vision for a happy, healthy and inclusive school is matched by the commitment, dedication and expertise of our staff. The schools workforce profile consists of: 1 Principal, 1 full time teacher, a 0.7 teacher, 2 Education Support officers and specialist Art and Japanese teachers.

School Council and Parents’ Association

The school is supported by a proud, enthusiastic and very committed School Council and Parent Association who work tirelessly to provide the extras to support the school’s curriculum programs.  They ensure the facilities and ground, the finances, curriculum and administration all work towards the needs of the students and ensure the provision of a safe and engaging environment.  They care for the school community and the staff and are willing to promote the school in any forum to encourage enrolments. With their expertise and equipment we are able to make improvements to our school that would otherwise be impossible.  Their support is highly valued