Our students enjoy a wealth of opportunities to shine in Maths, Literacy, Music, Civics and Citizenship, Sports and the Arts. We encourage participation in a range of competitions and celebrate ‘doing your best’ as much as winning.

We’re very proud of the efforts of students and their achievements.
Some of our most recent awards and achievements are summarised below:

Maths Olympics, Horsham College, Overall Winners in 2014 and 2015
We began in the competition in 2011. Six local Primary Schools enter teams of 4 students making 40 teams in all.
In 2014, we entered three teams; a year 5 and two year 6 teams. To find the winner on the day, both our Year 6 teams had to play off against each other as they drew for first place. It was an excellent result for our students with our teams placing 1st and 2nd overall.
In 2015, we again entered three teams. Two of our teams performed exceptionally well with Geo Genius winning the overall competition.

Meals on Wheels
Natimuk Primary School received the Horsham Rural City Council Recognition of Volunteer Service Award. Meals On Wheels is an ongoing community service our children participate in regularly throughout each year.

Jump Rope For Heart (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017)
Each year we participate in Jump Rope For Heart we receive a Participation and Program Support award.

Horsham College – Glancy Scholarship Award
The Glancy Scholarship Award is given for academic achievement and contribution to the school and community. Haven, Laharum and Natimuk Primary Schools nominate Year 6 students who meet the criteria and a panel from Horsham College select either one winner from the 3 schools, or at times have selected multiple winners.
Recipients of this award are:
2010 – Laura Smith
2012 – Zach Smith
2013 – Elly Potter
2014 – Annabella Fort
2015 – Bella Panozzo
2016 – Bethany Sudholz
2017 – Lani Jones

Rotary Club of Horsham Junior Citizen Award
The Rotary Club of Horsham award a student in Year 6 with the Junior Citizen Award for their contribution to the school and community.
Recipients of this award are:
2010 – Laura Smith
2011 – Eve Barnes
2012 – Laetitia Lees
2013 – Alana Hateley
2014 – Annabella Fort
2015 – Bella Panozzo
2016 – Toby Wilkins
2017 – Shae Taylor

Horsham Rural Schools Athletic Sports
In past years the shield was competed for by many of the local small schools in our area. Now only 3 schools compete – Haven, Laharum and Natimuk Primary Schools.
Natimuk Primary School have been winners of the Horsham Rural Schools Athletic Sports in 1995, 2006, 2011 and 2015.
From 2018 we began competing at the Horsham West & Haven Primary Schools Sports as part of the Horsham, Rural Schools Team. In 2018 we won both the Junior & Senior trophies.

Horsham Eisteddfod – Choir and Instrumental Ensemble
Entering the Horsham Eisteddfod has been part of our music program for a number of years.
Natimuk Primary School won the Choir and Instrumental Ensemble section of the Eisteddfod in 2010 and 2011, came 3rd in 2014, 2nd in 2015 & 2016

Mt Arapiles Ben Szakacs Memorial Leadership Award
This award, donated by Glen Hancock in memory of her son, is for demonstrating leadership skills, encouragement, safety and endeavour.
2015 – Kelly Grey
2016 – Toby Wilkins
2017 – Lani Jones

Special Guests and Visitors
Alethea Sedgman, a past student, represented Australia in the 2012 London Olympics in shooting
Governor of Victoria, David de Kretser visited in 2011
The Governor-General Quentin Bryce visited in 2013