Strategy & Learning

At Natimuk Primary School we are determined to use our small size to our advantage and are committed to maximising our students’ learning opportunities and growth potential through individually tailored learning programs, extra-curricular activities and clear strategic planning.

We provide intervention and advancement in Literacy and Numeracy and offer Speech Therapy assistance if required.  We are fortunate to have specialist programs such as PE, Science, Religious Education, Library, Music, Japanese and Art. We have a strong focus on Student Health, Well Being and Safety and use Respectful Relationships to support the You Can Do It Program.

The unique environment of our small school ensures our Year 6s are well prepared for their secondary schooling through a nurtured sense of individual identity and confidence and experiences of academic, artistic and sporting success.

Literacy and Numeracy

Our Literacy and Numeracy plans have been reviewed and developed to meet the needs of the students and provide a platform for a consistent approach to teaching.  We have created fluid groupings for Literacy and Numeracy to optimise learning opportunities for all students, which means there is flexibility for students to progress at their own pace. They have responded positively and with enthusiasm.

‘At risk’ students, for advancement or intervention, are assessed and provided with a learning plan and modified programs and are continually monitored to address points of need.

Our daily Buddy Reading program ensures all children read each day for 15mins, with younger students learning alongside an older student.  It has been a very successful program that we have run for a number of years and has contributed greatly to the success of our students in Literacy.

Extra-Curriculum and after school activities

Extra curricula activities include swimming, athletic sports, sports events, camps, excursions, incursions, Book Week, charity fundraisers, Meals on Wheels, Nati Frinj festival, school sleepovers, participation in the Agricultural Show and the end of year school concert. Senior students take on leadership roles by being on the Junior School Council, as School Leaders and House Captains.

We do not have an After School Care program. However, local clubs in the town provide a range of after school activities and opportunities for our students including tennis, football, netball, basketball, cricket, swimming and gymnastics (which is based in one of Victoria’s most prestigious gymnastics clubs).

Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022:

Natimuk School engaged the whole school community in the development of its Strategic Plan to ensure that the school is united by a common purpose. The plan establishes a clear and shared understanding of the school’s strategic direction for the next four years, expressed through goals, targets and key improvement strategies.

The School Strategic Plan draws on the information gathered and directions identified through the school self-evaluation and review processes. It is informed by extensive consultation with students, staff, parents and carers, and engagement with the broader community including relevant community agencies and business.

Importantly, the Plan is a living document; if the circumstances of the school change, then so too will the plan. The School Strategic Plan can be modified at any time through a process of re-endorsement by the Principal, School Council President, and the delegate of the Secretary of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Our objectives in the School Strategic Plan are characterized by four key performance criteria: Achievement, Engagement, Wellbeing and Productivity. Each performance criteria has its own Goals, Targets and Key Improvement Strategies. A summary of each performance criteria is given below:

Achievement refers to both the absolute levels of learning attainment and growth in student learning that schools strive to support

Engagement refers to the extent to which students feel connected to and engaged in their learning and with the broader school community.

Students’ health, safety and wellbeing are essential to learning and development. An inclusive, safe, orderly and stimulating environment for learning is critical to achieving and sustaining students’ positive learning experiences.

Productivity refers to the effective allocation and use of resources, supported by evidence and adapted to the unique contexts of each school.

Please see our Reports page for a summary of our performance in these areas Reports Page

Natimuk Primary School (1548) – 2018-2021 – School Strategic Plan

Natimuk Primary School (1548) – 2021 (Term 1) – AIP – Actions Outcomes and M